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Economic performance for healthcare

As a leading worldwide company in high-performance medical imaging platforms, Hitachi prioritises accurate diagnosis and efficient application.

We use extensive research information to predict new market trends, to provide the foresight for our product development, so that we can release solutions tailored to meet customers' current and future needs. Our motto is simple, but unbeatable - and has been proven again and again - 'The best for your patients' - closely allied with 'economic performance for healthcare'.

Hitachi's products and services are used daily,on millions of livers, kidneys, hearts and other organs. We strive constantly to work alongside customers to gain a deep understanding of their requirements; this, in turn, opens the mind to original and perhaps unconventional ideas.

Hitachi Corporation's R&D departments are deliberately closely linked. Co-operation and intelligent knowledge management are integral parts of our philosophy, providing synergies which lead to true innovations.

From IT, native technology, and life science, new findings are often adapted and integrated into our imaging platforms. This product development benefits everyone, by increasing diagnostic accuracy and confidence, while contributing to cost-effectiveness.