Comfort class in compact open MRI

AIRIS Vento LT (0.3T) is the economic, compact and wide open MR solution.
The open system architecture gives not only a feeling of security but also has considerable merits for taking care of small children and elderly patients.
The floating table allows to fit the system into small spaces while giving the possibility of placing the patient always in the centre of the magnetic field.
High image quality is being achieved by making full use of the new Hitachi technologies inside.

  • 0.3 Tesla field strength
  • Two-pillar design
  • 210° opening to the front, 70° opening to the rear
  • 22mT/m 55T/m/s gradients
  • Laterally aligned patient table
  • Economic open MRI
  • Patient-friendly design
  • Advanced mid-field applications
  • Complementary or sole system
  • Low acoustic noise level
  • SENTINEL™ remote monitoring for maximum uptime
  • Technical cabinet only – no water cooling
  • Average power consumption only 2.5 kW

Hover over each coil's name to display a diagram indicating the corresponding application area:

Knee - Sagittal STIR sequence with enables detailed visualization of bone marrow

Brain - TOF angiography with VR (Volume Rendering) option provides clear and detailed image of intra-cranial arteries

Cervical spine - 3D axial BASG image provides high resolution and high contrast with post-reconstruction possibilities

Spine - Sagittal STIR fat suppressed Fast Inversion Recovery and T2-weighted Fast Spin Echo scans clearly visualizing multiple compression fractures in lumbar spine

Ankle - Sagittal T1-weighted Spin Echo image with excellent T1 contrast depicting calcaneus bone bruise

Hip - Axial T2-weighted Fast Spin Echo sequence showing alcohol-induced osteonecrosis in hips joints