Hitachi – Technology and Values

Delivering the perfect fusion between clinical knowledge and MRI technology

Following the corporate ethos of contributing to society through the development of superior original technological products. Hitachi has delivered these breakthrough solutions.

  • In addition to the standard shim, a high-order shim is integrated into the magnet.
  • HOSS acquires a ‘phase map’ across the whole field of view, achieving the highest possible homogeneity.


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Magnet no patient

Patient in magnet, HOSS off

Patient in magnet, HOSS on
  • RADAR is a new technology reducing motion artifacts of uncooperative patients.
  • Fills K-Space in a radial manner, with each blade crossing the centre.
  • Achieves excellent results, enhancing SNR, CNR in all diagnostic images.


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Cartesian K-Space of RADAR

Brain with RADAR Off

Brain with RADAR On

Radial K-Space of RADAR

Brain (detailed) with RADAR Off

Brain (detailed) with RADAR On
  • RAPID acquisition through parallel imaging design.
  • Image-based parallel imaging technique, providing greater clinical flexibility for higher spatial or temporal resolution or shorter acquisition times.
  • RAPID scanning enhances image diagnostics for all clinical applications.


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RAPID technology

T2-weighted axial scan of female pelvis ? endometrial cyst/myoma. With RAPID parallel technique applied these 19 slices covering whole pelvis with 5 mm slice thickness and high resolution matrix were acquired in single breath-hold 20s without motion artefacts.

The same patient ? sagittal T2-weighted scan with RAPID factor 2- breath-hold study. 19 slices with 5mm slice thickness, high resolution matrix- complete diagnose in 20 seconds and without motion artefacts.