ProSound F75 Premier/CV

FIT to your specialty

The ProSound F75 Premier/CV is a high-end, diagnostic ultrasound system which provides excellent performance in a variety of clinical applications and is comfortable and easy to use.

The ProSound F75 Premier/CV system has been designed with our "FIT" ethos (Facilitate workflow; Investment return; True diagnostic) at its heart and can be tailored to the needs of the clinician. The ProSound F75 Premier/CV reduces burden on the examiners and patients, assures and maintains versatility at a high dimension, reduces patient dependency by increasing the level of diagnostic ability, and improves productivity of routine examinations by accuracy and efficiency.

F: Facilitate workflow Making routine examinations more comfortable

The ProSound F75 Premier/CV acknowledges the needs of performing examinations in a natural posture without stress or discomfort. The monitor and operation panel have a wide range of movement, which enables reduction of the operator's muscle load up to 20%. Another factor is automation of operation, to make examinations flow smoother. The ProSound F75 Premier/CV allows simple operation so the operator can concentrate on the examination in comfort.

  • NaturalErgonomics™
    • Widely height adjustable console panel
    • Freely placeable viewing monitor
    • High Definition (HD) Wide IPS-pro viewing monitor
    • Large IPS-pro touch panel with intuitive 8 rotary encoder
  • Routine exam assistance
    • Quick Setter™
    • Image Optimizer™

I: Investment return for the hospital management and society

The ProSound F75 Premier/CV covers numerous applications in one console, and offers wide variety of probes, measurement/report package, and many other factors. Affordable cost of ownership is made possible due to the reliable system design and easy-to-upgrade software. With simple and intuitive operation, new users can easily learn to operate the system.

  • High degree of versatility
    • Variety of transducers include TEE, TV, TR
    • Networking, measurement and report package
    • Compact console fits any clinical setting
  • Reduce TCO (total cost of ownership)
    • Acquisition - short learning time for sonographer to operate the system, compatibility of transducers
    • Operation - reliability/low running cost
    • Long term - Software backend, low future upgrade cost
  • EcoEcho - Environmental performance
    • RoHS - EU directive
    • WEEE - EU directive
    • Material efficiency / recycle care

T: True diagnostics reduce the patient dependency

By combining all of our cutting-edge technologies, the ProSound F75 Premier/CV performs high spatial resolution. The combination of the CPWG+ (compound pulse wave generator, the new front-end processor) and Full Aperture Apodization (uses all transducer elements of a probe) perfects focus throughout the entire image. This technology enhances the efficiency of examinations, and makes benefit both examiners and patients.

  • CPWG+ Frontend
    • FAA: Full Aperture Apodization
    • TAT: Tissue Adaptive Technology
    • CTT: Clear Transmission Technology
  • SmartProbe™
  • Broadband Harmonics (BbH)
  • Spatial Compound Imaging+ (SCI+)
  • AIP: Adaptive Imaging Processing
  • Edge Optimizer
  • eFLOW+
  • Trapezoidal Scan
  • EFV: Extended Field of View
  • Real-time 3D (4D)
  • Contrast Echo (CE)


Carotid artery with Compound Gated Pulse Wave Doppler

Digestive tract with outstanding image quality

Dual Doppler enables observation of 2 Doppler waveforms at the same heartbeat

Gallbladder polyp in high quality zoom

Kidney with eFLOW+x Flow Emphasis x DDD

Quantification of intracardiac volume - 2DTT

Tibial tuberosity with AIP HI REZ and SCI+

Uterine cervix in a wide field of view

Dual Gate Doppler: Combination of PW and TDI allows simulaneous evaluation of wall motion and hemodynamics

Wave Intensity (Ventriculo-Arterial Coupling): WI is a new hemodynamic index which is potentially useful for analyzing interaction of the cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels)

3D Zoom mode (Flow)

Dynamic Volume Processing

VFM - Vector Flow Mapping - Evaluation of cardiac blood flow motion

VFM - Apical four-chamber view - blood flow streamlines in diastole

3D zoom
Clear structures of the mitral valve

VFM - Flow Patterns in an apical long axis view - Rapid inflow phase, slow inflow phase 1, slow inflow phase 2 (left to right)