combines state-of-the-art technologies to provide unmatched image quality across all clinical applications

HI Rez+ is a high-resolution, real-time tissue-adaptive filter technique which performs tens of thousands of spatial imaging processing operations, using a dedicated high-speed ASIC calculator and ultra high speed algorithm. Real tissue echoes are enhanced and given a more uniform appearance whilst noise and clutter are significantly reduced, even in the most difficult-to-image patients.

HI Com combines frequency and spatial compounding providing exceptional contrast and detail resolution, which clarifies interface and organ boundary visualisation, enabling greater diagnostic confidence.

High definition dynamic Tissue Harmonic Imaging (HdTHI)
is a direct result of Hitachi's improvements in broadband technology. The non-linear receive components induced by the wideband transmit pulse include both low frequency sub-harmonic signals in addition to the second harmonic frequencies. Improved resolution and penetration is achieved over conventional pulse inversion technology.

HI Compound
High Definition dynamic Tissue Harmonic Imaging (HdTHI)