Hitachi and Aloka transducers

Examination from the outside in

Hitachi Transducers

Hitachi manufactures a vast range of convex, linear, phased and micro-convex arrays, 360° radial array and 256 element technology wideband transducers.  The transducers are produced using the latest multilayer composite materials with wide bandwidths, enabling multiple selectable frequencies for native B-mode, tissue harmonics, colour and pulsed wave Doppler. Ergonomic design, light-weight housing materials along with cable flexibility and length minimise the strain on the hand and wrist.

Aloka Transducers

The patented Aloka probe range includes a wide spectrum of different specialty transducers including our next generation HST Probes. The innovative HST (Hemispheric Sound Technology) transducer incorporates an array of transducer elements which create sound sources close to an ideal hemispheric shape. This combination of technologies offer less grating lobe artifacts and less side lobe artifacts, providing superior image quality for virtually any application.