OPTIVISTA EPK‑i7010 High‑Definition Video Processor

Enlighten Your Perspectives


The new premium solution for advanced endoscopy

The success of a procedure can hinge on your ability to clearly visualize the epithelial surface pit-pattern and vascular pattern. In addition to the already established i-scan modes, the OPTIVISTA now features i-scan OE (Optical Enhancement), creating a very unique platform where both digital and optical enhancements are available. This unique combination provides extra information for a more accurate in vivo diagnosis through improved vessel and mucosal pattern characterization.

The new PENTAX Medical OPTIVISTA EPK-i7010 video processor, together with the latest i10 HD+ endoscopes series, or with the MagniView, optical zoom endoscopes, provides our best image ever. Where you are performing a routine procedure or a complex intervention, the EPK-i7010 can help you to achieve the best clinical outcomes.


Enhanced detection

i-scan technology is a digital, image enhanced endoscopy (IEE) technology by PENTAX Medical. As a virtual chromo-endoscopy tool, i-scan provides an enhance view of the mucosal structures and vascular patterns, supporting early detection, demarcation and characterization.


Improved in vivo diagnosis

PENTAX Medical has recently developed the i-scan OE (Optical Enhancement), an optical filter that produces bandwidth-limiting light. When combined with image enhancement processing technology it clearly displays the surface structures of blood vessels, glandular ducts and mucosal membranes in higher contrasts than white light. 


Powerful educational platform

The OPTIVISTA EPK-i7010 video processor is a state-of-the-art educational tool with customizable functions operated easily by the touch screen, or via the endoscope buttons.


The legal manufacturer of these PENTAX Medical video processors is Hoya Corporation, Japan. They are distributed in the assigned geographical areas in Europe by Hitachi Medical Systems Europe Holding AG, Switzerland and their subsidiaries.